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Computer Accessories


Nowadays most computers are fit with ‘large’ Hard Drives, therefore the number of customers with a ‘Large’ amount of personal data [i.e. images, Documents, etc.] is ever increasing.

We Strongly suggest you to purchase a external HDD to backup the most sensitive/important data.

Note: since HDD are getting larger – when we do Data Recovery, you will have to bring an external HDD [or we can supply with one, if you prefer], as data is huge [100Gb to 400Gb at present] and we cannot [most of the time] be put on DVDs [~4.5Gb per DVD]. We mean, we can but it will cost you a lot more as it makes us use 5-8 times the time it takes to upload to a external HDD!

We can Recover Data from most Media and Hard Drives and if it is a media [USB stick or SD card, etc.] we usually try & temporarily repair that media to extract data – if possible.

Data Recovery in standard coinditions can ONLY be done if HDD has not failed yet, if it has failed, you need specialised Company to do that.

We DO NOT take a different view if you are a Business or Private individual – it is simply not fair on ‘small businesses’ which usually have far less data than a large Company, but still more than a household.

But for Businesses the bill tends to be slightly higher due to the nature and the amount of information to recover [databases, etc.], especially if the computer is used by more than one person.

We have often been able to recover data from ‘almost’ dead Hard Drives and dead Memory Sticks and saved customers a lot of money.

Memory Stick we recovered Data from

Damaged USB Memory Stick Data Recovery
Damaged USB Memory Stick Data Recovery


Some basic rules to have an almost 100% chance to recover your data intact:

NEVER attempt to recover data if you are not 100% confident you can do it without making things worse – we have to be careful too!

If a Hard Drive is mechanically failing or if you had a chance to use Windows check disk or other means to test the drive and it states BAD SECTOR/s, please STOP using your computer and come down FAST and we will attempt to recover Data before the HDD fails.
You may get a Warning at boot up for imminent SDD or HDD or Hard Drive failure – DO NOT ignore it.
STOP using your computer and avoid too much Hard Drive Mechanical Stress [HDMS] – it will make the HDD worse.

We have read over the internet of people saying, if you have 2 or 3 bad sectors your had drive is fairly OK.


If you have 1 or more failed sectors, you need to have your computer repaired ASAP, because the Hard Drive is actually failing in a logarithmical fashion = 1, 2, 4, 16, … it could take months to get to 16 bad sectors, then it will go down FAST!

1-2-3, etc. bad sectors means your HDD is on its way out – even tough it seems to work fine!
It could die at any time and cost you very much indeed to recover your photos and personal documents, i.e. your life story.

Call our shop and we will do the rest, if it is not too late!



iPad and other Tablets Screen charging Port Repair
iPad and other Tablets Screen charging Port Repair


We repair Tablets and most common repairs are the replacement of a faulty/snapped charging socket with a usual 1 to 2 days turnaround – unless we do not have the parts required in stock.

We also now offer Tablets LCD [ 1 to 4 days or Glass + Digitiser Replacement Service usually the same day – if parts are in stock.

Apple iPhone Repairs, Apple iPad Repairs and ‘some’ iPod too are repaired, but it may require a bit longer as we may not stock the spare parts your device requires.

Other appliances are:

GDH Straighteners Repairs, HTC Phone Repairs, Huawei Phone Repairs, etc.

Other Electrical Repairs are:

Dyson and other vacuum cleaners & many small electricals, also depending on info and spares available, we repair some Vintage Radios too!


Laptop and Tablet Replacement LCD Service

Laptop and Tablet Replacement LCD Service
Laptop and Tablet Replacement LCD Service


Recover Your Important Data First

Data Recovery - Computer Repair
Data Recovery – Computer Repair


What we normally do when recovering, is:

1. Recover your important data first – for safe keeping
Not the installed programs
You will have to tell us where to find these personal data files & folders you need to save
Therefore it is IMPORTANT, you keep ALL your personal files and folders within My Documents – create all your folders there.
That way, they will be in one obvious place and avoid loss of data, unless the HDD fails [then you need the Big Boys = £££].

It is possible we may find that some data is already corrupted or lost [i.e. the data on the bad sector/s], but not all is lost – it could still be recoverable – we often do it! This is when it could take days.

2. Install a new HDD
We NEVER use second Hard Drives unless asked – we say NEW it means NEW!

This is because it defies the purpose to have your data ‘safer’ and because we do not deal with second hand computers at present and therefore we do not normally have second-hand ones stock.

We had to state this because we have had a few customers with a replaced [second-hand] hard drive that failed again after a few months – customers paid for a NEW one!

[although it does not mean the new HDD wont fail tomorrow!]

Most of the time we install a ‘better’ HDD than the previous one – if possible or needed and reasonably priced, although failure can happen with any HDD – especially laptops as they are mobile and prone to a lot of shocks in their life.
But we can install second hand HDD if required and available to us, at ‘your’ request, but guarantee for the HDD will not apply – because it comes from the HDD manufacturers on NEW HDDs

3. Attempt to copy your system as it is – from old drive to new drive, unless HDD does ‘naturally’ fail while doing it.
It does happen, but most of the time, if it has just started to fail there seems to be enough time to do it, ONCE!

Note: attempting to copy the whole system is intended for a repair which is: replacement of HDD for ‘the same’ computer

Most repairs are done within the £. 35/59 mark [excludes any extra or hardware and this is at the time of writing].

Common repair/service costs for Laptop or PC – each case is different and costs may change – especially if someone had attempted to repair without success:

a Health Check [or MOT] for £. 39 – includes Virus Removal

Laptop Keyboard replacement price vary – it depends on maker/model/spares availability

Virus removal – not done anymore, as it is included in the Health Check

Laptop Power Socket repair from £. 39 [includes also repair of the Jack on the cable – if needed]

Laptop Power Supply Jack replacement [the actual DC connector on the external mains power supply] – usually £. 6 to 9

Laptop not starting, etc. – from £. 35 – may change depending on spares needed

Repair of charging / Data socket of NON Apple Devices usually from £. 30 – Please bring in the original USB lead and PSU if you have both – we need it for testing – better if they are the original ones

Data Recovery & Transfer ‘guiding’ tariffs – they may change without notice

Flash Media Data Recovery [memory stick, SD card, etc.] from £. 12

Hard Drive Data Recovery from £. 49 [up to 14Gb & includes 3x DVD]
[after 14Gb, you will have to provide us with a memory stick 16Gb upwards or a External HDD or other computer to copy into]

Data Transfer from OLD Computer to NEW Computer usually £. 30 – depends on the situation we find [i.e. already attempted and impaired HDD, etc.]
Bring BOTH computers in

Data Transfer from OLD HDD to NEW Computer usually £. 30 – depends on the situation we find [i.e. already attempted and impaired HDD, etc.]
Bring OLD HDD [without Computer] and NEW Computer

We get the sporadic request to put the info from OLD Computer into a Memory Stick, but customers do not realize how many files they have and it usually is 5/10 larger than the memory stick!
Best transfer in a folder to NEW Computer.
All mentioned Repairs assume no repair was attempted by anybody.

Please note: the above mentioned repair costs may change before we have the chance to amend our websites.

Although we clean computers from Viruses [virii] or Ad-ware, etc. for a small variable fee , it defies the purpose of securing your computer and do a ‘proper’ job.

We rarely get a customer back in less than a year, unless the user is on the computer most of their life!

MOST viruses [virii], ad-ware and other threats are started by the user distraction, due to their clever ways of disguising. It happens to us too – rarely, but it does!

Therefore what we ‘normally’ do is giving you an estimate and get rid of the main problem, fix the windows system, update it, update drivers, install a good FREE Antivirus and Firewall – get rid of the numerous not needed free programs that ‘claim’ to keep your computer in perfect conditions [it just does not happen!] – there are ‘some’ useful ones [maybe to use once a year!], but are not really for the non-expert, as they are powerful and actually ’cause’ problems in the wrong hands.

In our view computers and we do it with our computers too, usually need a good overall every year to be ‘virtually’ trouble free + user needs to be educated in the way they use computers – you can find loads of FREE advice on the internet on how to properly use a Computer – but seek word-of-mouth.

Use it, do not to be used by it, but BEWARE … there are also loads of dangerous web sites claming to fix everything – well …

Only check web sites links from ‘reputable’ forums and we mean serious ones – see ‘independent and unbiased’ reviews of these forums and your are done.

Do not be afraid of Computers, you own them, you direct them – not the other way around.

Computers are Machines, after all!