We do not sell Computer or Mobile Phone or Tablets Spare Parts, but we do sell accessories


Most common accessories stocked.

We do not deal with Computer Hardware internal parts any more – too many and changing regularly every 6 months or so!

We preferred to keep only Computer Accessories in stock , rather than the internal hardware, why?
It does not make ‘small’ business sense these days.

Instead we do order upon doing our own repairs for you.
That way we get the ‘latest’ hardware for your computer at the latest price and usually within 3-5 working days.

Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories GraBytes.co.uk
Computer Accessories GraBytes.co.uk

You will find the most common accessories:

Media [CD, DVD, DVD-DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, Memory sticks, SD and micro Cards and so on]

Devices [Keyboards, Mice, Extension Cables, etc.]

Internal Hardware [SATA, IDE, Power leads, etc. only]

External Hardware [VGA, HDMI, Audio Cables, PC LAN card, Wi-Fi Accessories]

Mobile Phone accessories and more …

Mains adaptor

USB lead to use in conjunction with the above

Screen protectors for iPad [some] and iPhone [some]

Data cable and earphones and earphone splitters

about 10 other USB cables for use with most common phones

USB 10-in-1 or 12-in-1 cables -depending on stock received

iPhone 5 Data / Charger Cable

Stationery such as:

  • Printing Paper – usually Xerox quality
  • Photo paper of various thickness and size
  • Coloured Printing paper [std 80 and 160] in tens
  • Printing Ink Cartridges
    notes: we used to stock Jettec cartridges, but since they supply LARGER Supermarket we stopped and only sell a few of the latest models and usually around £. 9.99 for a pack of 4 colours
  • Exclusive … Noel Tatt quality Decoupage Greetings Cards at very good price + other makers
  • Touch Screen Stylus pens – standard size and mini size – various colours


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