Computer MOT – available at


GraBytes in action
GraBytes in action


General idea of what we do:

  • Overall check to see its behaviour in various tasks
  • Find unused and dangerous FREE downloaded programs and uninstall them [customers states which can be uninstalled as well as ..]
  • Scan for threats and clean computer – usually between 200 and 2,000 medium low threats are found and sometime 1-5 HIGH risk ones!
  • Fix Windows Operative System problems where possible – we do not do Apple [used to !]
  • Fix any other problems related to Windows System and Updates
  • Check for customer ‘mentioned’ problems and fix them – where possible [sometime due to hardware]
  • Update all that needs updating
  • Re-check Security
  • Re-boot several times for various reasons and check behaviour again
  • Install FREE Security if needed
  • Last checks

Job done!


Useful Notes [we hope!]: mostly our customers come for a MOT once per year and sometime twice per year mostly due to many users using same computer.

Most of them keep their old computer, if it was an expensive one – i.e. powerful at the time and still holding more modern times!
DO NOT waste money on a cheap computer that will last 1 year!

BEWARE of Supermarket Low Specifications computer and ANY computer less than £. 300-400 – it is NOT worth it.
Usually … [that depends] most 300-400 will last FAR longer.

If you decide you wish to play games on a ‘Laptop’, well either spend at least £. 700 [we suggest Medion – please DO NOT take it out on us if you have problems as these days are very unstable for Technology Companies and certain series might come out faulty!

Remember usually a PC costs about 20% less than a Laptop, therefore if you do not really need a Laptop, BUY a PC!
Same money you get a more powerful one.