Here are some of GraBytes Products ProductsAlthough we have been in the Computing Business for a long time, we are not really what many believe us to be, a 'Computer Shop'!

Well, we do not have 'everything' about computers and I can assure you not even the 'Computer Shop' has!

Technology changes fast - in fact every six months, really!

We preferred to keep in stock only the accessories, rather than the internal hardware, why? It does not make 'small' business sense these days.

Instead we do order upon repairing. That way we get the 'latest' hardware for your computer at the latest price and usually within 3-5 working days.

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or you can see a series of banners to show you what we normally keep in stock here.

Computer Accessories

You will find the most common accessories:

  • Media [CD, DVD, DVD-DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, Memory sticks, SD and micro Cards and so on]
  • Devices [Keyboards, Mice, Extension Cables, etc.]
  • Internal Hardware [SATA, IDE, Power leads, etc. only]
  • External Hardware [VGA, HDMI, Audio Cables, PC LAN card, Wi-Fi Accessories]

Apple accessories and more ...

We do not have full range, but we mostly keep, iPod, iPad, iPhone
Apple basic compatible accessories

For example:

  • Mains adaptor
  • USB lead to use in conjunction with the above
  • Screen protectors for iPad [some] and iPhone [some]
  • Data cable and earphones and earphone splitters
  • about 10 other USB cables for use with most common phones
  • USB 10-in-1 or 12-in-1 cables -depending on stock received
  • iPhone 5 Data / Charger Cable

    We will stock more APPLE accessories when possible, we are also gearing up to repair micro/nano technology by using latest equipment - i.e. Microscope, Hot Blower and so on ...

    REPAIRS ARE AT COMPONENT LEVEL - but we cannot do everything!