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GraBytes is the Computer side of our business and we strive to set your computers back to their 'best' behaviour, not 'just' get rid of annoyances, virii, Trojans, etc.
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drawing: South Corean Fennec Fox - our own GraByte!

First of all, thank you for supporting your local UK businesses

Langley Park - Durham - UK - see local websiteMSelectrical started this business in 1993 as TV Repair and sale of second hand TVs and video-recorders, Electrical accessories.

We also used to repair the old Analogue Sky Receivers at the time - not anymore.

image of Langley Park

We already started to get involved [as a business] with computers, although we have always been in computing since 1975/76 starting with the Sir Clive Sinclair's Spectrum, Commodore 128 and we slowly progressed around 1980s through Windows DOS 3.1 and upgrades, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7, WIndows 8 ...

Even tough we did a course on RPGII and Cobol programming in the 80s + Data Transmission [working at the Airport of Fiumicino in Rome - Italy] and in Basic Programming for printing purposes, we slowly started to use Microsoft DBase within Windows DOS environment for managing databases for AGIP ENI SNAM Group TeleFaults [faults in the GAS line Electronics systems via computer terminal - yes, those with the 'green' phosphors tubes!] and that gave us some Computing Knowledge [over the actual Electronics]

The first time we lost data [ AAAGH! ] ...

The first time we lost data in our Established since 1993/94 Langley Park shop was frightening, but reading, learning and with trial and errors, we managed to Recover most of it - well, no errors or we would not have recovered anything.

We understood then, there must be many in the same situation.
Since Computing started coming to the masses from around 1984/85, It prompted us to add Data Recovery and Erasure as Part of our business. Today it is a good part of our business as it often requires from 3 hours up to 5 days and rarely even longer. We do have a good rate of saving data, about 95% and the 5% of non data saved is mostly due to customers that tried to recover data and inadvertently wrote 'on it' or the hardware was mechanically/electrically faulty.
In that case Data may still be recoverable, but a Company Specialised on opening Hard Drives in a Dust-Free environment is required - a VERY expensive business with very expensive BILLS! We are talking from £. 100 to £. 500, 'just' to retrieve the data! So, our 95% rate is actually 99% rate if device is not dead or customer did not try to do something about it and 1% failure if HDD is faulty.

So, when you call to MSelectrical shop for your Computer Problems, you do not get your typical IT guy, but something more. You get a fully qualified Electronics Technician and this is an advantage we have from most IT dealers around [we also do repair a limited number of SAMSUNG and SONY LCD tvs or monitors and not Plasma] . Monitors = not old tube style and not LCD less than 21" - i.e. usually professional Monitors, 'those over £. 200' - not home Monitors.

We are no better than any other, we are different!

We do understand electronics and that helps in particular cases to actually fix the Electronics at component level. So, unless necessary a repair at MSelectrical means a repair at 'Component' level - although very limited these days and dependent on information available - diagrams, etc. and components - not just limited to replacing a PCB [as if it was that simple!].
So, expect a 'Sorry, we cannot repair of even have al look at this appliance for you' and the usual reasons being:

  • Lack of technical information, i.e. support from manufacturers [we DO NOT deal with manufacturers directly and never will... long story].
  • Lack of spare parts [some of the faulty parts these days are almost irreplaceable or labour is too costly]
  • If spare parts are available, they are too expensive to risk a repair [risk = when parts are too costly, it is not worth for us to buy them and then find there will also be more problems, which usually you can only find out about, 'only after' you have replaced those expensive parts!] - so, that will be a 'No, sorry'

The above are not excuses, but facts!

Unfortunately the times have changed a lot in the last 20 years, we wanted Globalisation [well, I did not!] - You got it! Cheap 'to buy' goods, expensive to repair = throw away = you spend more, we earn less and the environment gets worse = less UK manufacturing = less life jobs = globalisation!

Sometime we get customers that think, we repair anything, those times are GONE = globalisation!

Having stated the above, we 'do not' do repairs of computer screens - you can find 'specialised' Companies that 'only' do that [you are better off!].
We do carry out basic repairs on defective motherboards [ONLY, if that is a part of a repair we are doing = costs, again!].
We do not normally repair PCBs that customers bring in, i.e. motherboard from a PC with no PC, etc. This is NOT what we do, but sometimes is possible - it is a: ask and see if we can do it for you.
We do not repair caddys [i.e. enclosures for Hard Drives] = costs, again!
You can buy one for £. 10 or less, these days = globalisation

Antistatic Mat

All components are 'properly' handled STATIC FREE, which means we do have a Static [earthed] workshop table and all PCBs are kept in a anti static bags - this includes all Hard Drives too.
If you look at our Pages, you can see - although a small family business - we are far more than a Computer Repair shop, we cater for most electrical accessories needs, including Spare Parts for White Goods [which we DO NOT repair] ourselves.

In fact we are not a Computer Repair Shop in the OLD sense - we do more of the Software Repair = Mucked up computers!
Times have changed and mainly the old Computer Shops do handle second hands goods and repairs are done by ... lets try this or that ... using an old spare part ...crossing fingers ... and hope for the best - not at component level!

Sorry, we do not do that - so repairs are limited but if we can do it, we will do a repair at component level - we will not replace with old, because these days there are 'many' motherboards, etc. [for example in laptops!] that are faulty by construction = i.e. they are defective and replacing it with the same 'second hand' will not last long.

Computers were and are supposed to last 15/25 years or more and usually - speaking of Laptops - most under £. 300 are the ones that will NOT last and that is our experience, it is not an opinion, it is a fact!
So, as probably said somewhere else on our website/s, do your best to buy the best Laptop you can and over £. 300 - we suggest you over £. 500 and it will last years - if you take care of it and you researched it 'before' you buy for stock faults.

ALL repairs we do, will be PAT tested following current Health and Safety Law - if required.

Believe us, we are not GODS and we are no DOGS!

We are human beings proud to be doing an 'honest' job and we strive to be professional at any time.

Thank you for shopping locally - let's keep our business, OUR business i.e., Local !


All personal Data is PERSONAL!

We will never divulge any personal data when your computer is at MSelectrical on repair, unless we stumble upon something that infringes current UK LAW, we are 'required' to inform the Police.

DOS = A 'manual' Microsoft operative system - no 'proper' Window was present until Windows 95 was born, well earlier but 95 started the new trend! All command line work at the time, which is NOW pretty useful toolbox for helping to solve some of customers' computer software problems - when needed.

Search internet for DOS to learn more about it and possibly start from Wikipedia