Jettec Ink Official Durham Retailer

MSelectrical - Jettec Ink Official Durham RetailerIt is many years we have been selling Jettec Ink Cartridges to our locals.

Years ago we have proudly become a Durham Official Jettec Retailer, as we also collect empties to return our Suppliers for cleaning and refilling.

We do not keep the whole range as it would be 'huge', but we keep the most common printer ink cartridges our local customers ask.

We are listed here - please insert your post code when there and see MSelectrical listed



Why Jettec?

Jettec is the 'only' UK Printer Ink Cartridge, as far as we know.

They have a large facility where their technicians collect, clean refurbished and refill 'original' ink cartridges to send to all their retailers.

They also stock a huge collection of compatible ones and in particular for Epson and Canon

Jettec packaging is manufactured from recycled plastic and card material coming from sustainable forestry.
All toner boxes are made from recyclable card.
Over recent years they have also worked to considerably reduce the size of their blister packaging.

Since 2005, Jettec has reduced the size of their blister packaging by nearly 50%.

They have also reduced the number of cartridge labels used by printing directly onto the cartridge and sll of JETTEC products are manufactured in UK, which ensures a far smaller carbon footprint than those companies who import products from overseas.




What's the difference between compatible and a remanufactured cartridge?

A compatible cartridge is manufactured 100% from new materialsĀ in Jettec's factory.

The outer casing is moulded and the inside components are added.
Chips are added where necessary and then filled with ink.

A remanufactured cartridge is collected through JETTEC recycling scheme, which MSelectrical is part of.
Only the best quality cartridges are remanufactured.

They are firstly cleaned thoroughly with JETTEC's own developed cleaning solution to remove any dried ink.

They are then refilled and each cartridge is tested before leaving the factory.

If your printer does not accept 'any' pattern cartridges follow the instructions below
[instructions are intended for Windows users, Mac user? See below and you will know what to do!]


  1. unplug printer from computer or switch it off if it is wirelessly connected
  2. click START / CONTROL PANEL / Uninstall a Program and uninstall the printer's software and reboot - juts follow instructions
  3. DO NOT CONNECT printer yet and insert original disc for installation and follow instructions - if you still have paper instructions, follow them. If not, just follow screen instructions and ONLY connect Printer when asked
    PST some printers may take ages to be setup - sorry, it cannot be avoided!
  4. once you have reinstalled printer and set it up [if it asks to], insert pattern ink, it should work fine
  5. NOW PAY ATTENTION, check if you have an icon on the taskbar [usually bottom right [you may need to click the little arrow to display more icons] right click on it and go to its settings and set it NOT to start when windows start.
  6. Pull-up Windows Update window and on its settings set it NOT to automatically update - then run the update checking ONLY.
    When done, within the listing of recommended or the other one, you should find the Printer's 'drivers update - tick to HIDE that update.
    If your printer works fine, you do not need to update it, as that may trigger a new 'firmware' update for your printer that will STOP pattern ink to be used!
    Then reset the Update to AUTO, if you prefer it.

    Please note: you do all this at your own risk, we do not take any responsibility of any kind of loss or damage
    Ask a 'real' expert friend/family member to do it for you [they probably already know this - if they do not, they are not 'expert' enough as they may make you believe!]
    Please also note: the above advise is only limited and the way of doing this may vary with Windows/Mac version and it is up to you to do it yourself - search the internet and you will find plenty of FREE help!